Windows and Android POS applications for Hospitality and Commerce.

We develop Windows and Android POS Applications for Hospitality and Commerce.
That’s why we can offer you Comanderos para Restaurantes, Screens for Kitchen, Reports from the Web, links with Automatic Drawers.
Also, our Windows and Android POS applications manage requests to kitchen printers.
Above all, we can say that the price level of our products is one of the most interesting in the market.

Our applications work on Windows and Android devices.

That is why within the same installation there may be Windows and Android devices.
Kitchen printers, cooktops and kitchen screens can also be used.
In addition, you can view your POS information remotely with Web Reports. Thanks to this you can access from mobile phones, tablets (regardless of whether it is Android, Apple, Microsoft ..)
This is why we have a wide interconnectivity with other peripherals, bar code readers, scales, proximity bracelets, automatic drawers.
Winex TPV Android was one of the first applications for Android POS.

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